Dentons to separate from its Russia offices

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Dentons to separate from its Russia offices

Dentons has taken the difficult decision to exit Russia and separate our offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg into an independent law firm. This decision reflects our commitment to continued compliance with our legal and ethical obligations in light of the tragedy happening in Ukraine. We will begin a smooth and orderly separation process and will continue to support our people and clients throughout the transition.

Dentons is to begin to exit Russia and separate from its offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which will operate as an independent law firm.

“This is a difficult decision which we have taken in full consultation with our colleagues in Russia in order to continue meeting our legal and ethical obligations. We have enjoyed more than 30 years of collaboration and friendship with our colleagues in Russia who bear no responsibility for this crisis nor for the circumstances that have led to this decision,” said Elliott Portnoy, Dentons Global CEO. “Our hope is that at a future time we will be able to come back together when it is lawfully and practically possible to do so.”

“We were one of the first global law firms to enter the Russian market more than 30 years ago and quickly differentiated ourselves by virtue of our polycentric approach which allowed us to serve international clients with needs in Russia,” said Joe Andrew, Global Chairman. “We look forward to a day when we will be able to reunite with our esteemed colleagues with whom we have successfully served clients from all over the world.”

“We stand with the people of Ukraine and have done everything in our power to assist our Ukrainian colleagues, their families, and other civilians displaced by the war,” said Tomasz Dabrowski, Dentons Europe Region CEO. “We share the news of our separation process from our offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg with deep regret.  We will support our 250+ colleagues in Russia in achieving a smooth and orderly transition in accordance with our professional obligations to our clients.”

“Our team will continue to operate as an independent law firm and we are committed to continue providing first class support to our clients during these difficult times and beyond,” said Alexei Zakharko, the Managing Partner of Dentons AB in Russia.

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