1. TML-5-4 1
    13 octobre 2021 Volume 5, number 4

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  2. sketch-1573738974213
    14 novembre 2019 Volume 5, number 3

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  3. TML-vol3_no3 1
    3 février 2017 Volume 3 number 3

    In this issue: Montreal Family law lawyer Ian M. Solloway is completing his final term as English-Speaking Section Chair of the Montreal Bar, By André Gagnon Partial interests in real property: Does the sum of the parts equal the whole?, By Richard M. Wise and Andrew Yas IBA and OECD join forces to develop practice […]

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  4. IMG_3395
    26 octobre 2016 Volume 3 number 2

    In this issue: Montreal’s Ura Greenbaum takes on Québec’s Public Curator By P.A.Sévigny Michael Bergman’s legal vocation By P.A.Sévigny The deadline for submitting a notice of intention under the Voluntary Reimbursement Program is November 1, 2016 Public Curator’s blunders continue to attract government’s attention, By P.A.Sévigny The valuation of a law practice. Part 3, By […]

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  5. TML_Vol3-1-1
    12 juillet 2016 Volume 3, number 1

    Me Ian M. Solloway Speech Presentation of “The Lifetime Achievement Award” To Me Casper M.Bloom, Q.C., Ad.E, By Me Ian M. Solloway Goodwill and other intangible assets of a law firm, By Richard M. Wise Partner, MNP LLP Cotler nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Dershowitz, By Janice Arnold How to pay $235,000 for a […]

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  6. image
    15 mars 2016 Volume 2, number 4

    Stikeman Elliott’s William Rosenberg to welcome business law professionals at ABA Spring Meeting in Montreal By André Gagnon ACLU Sues Over Public Defender Shortage and Resulting Wait List in New Orleans James A. Woods founded the most important litigation boutique law rm in Québec By André Gagnon “The valuation of a law practice” By Richard […]

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