1. Attorney general
    17 février 2024 Attorney General James Wins Landmark Victory in Case Against Donald Trump

    Donald Trump, Adult Sons, and Former Executives Ordered to Pay More Than $450 Million They Fraudulently and Illegally Obtained Donald Trump Banned from Serving as an Officer or Director of Any New York Company for Three Years New York Attorney General Letitia James today released the following statement after Justice Arthur F. Engoron of New […]

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  2. New York Attorney General
    1 février 2024 Attorney General James Secures $350 Million from Publicis for its Role in the Opioid Crisis

    Purdue’s Former Advertising Company Developed Deceptive Marketing Campaigns to Increase Opioid Prescriptions, Fueling the Opioid Epidemic New York to Receive More Than $19 Million for Opioid Abatement, Treatment, and Prevention AG James Has Secured More Than $2.7 Billion Total from Opioids Manufacturers, Distributors, and Marketers for New York New York Attorney General Letitia James today […]

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  3. IMG_6635
    8 janvier 2024 Navigating Generative AI in Law Firms: Do’s and Don’ts for Success

    In the rapidly evolving legal landscape, law firms are increasingly turning to generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard to streamline operations and enhance client services. While these tools offer significant promise in terms of efficiency and innovation, their effective use necessitates a solid understanding and thoughtful implementation. As legal professionals, it’s crucial to […]

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  4. 1
    3 décembre 2023 The Nixon White House plotted to assassinate a journalist 50 years ago

    President Richard M. Nixon is shown after his nationwide broadcast on the Vietnam War from his office in the White House in Washington; Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Jack Anderson testifies before Congress in May 1972. (AP)   The poisoning plot seemed right out of a Russian playbook. An unhinged and vengeful chief of state, obsessed with […]

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  5. 2 décembre 2023 Al Shifa hospital: Were the tunnels discovered by Israel…built by Israel?

    Since at least November 17, the Israeli army has been claiming that they found Hamas tunnels located under Al Shifa hospital in Gaza. However, many social media users are now claiming that the Israelis have simply discovered tunnels that they dug themselves. We tell you who might have built these tunnels in this edition of […]

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  6. IMG_5825
    10 octobre 2023 U.S. Forces ‘Stand Ready’ After Russian Sub Surfaces Near Alaska

    This file photo shows Russian submarine Dmitry Donskoy at the Kronstadt Navy base, near Saint Petersburg, Russia, on July 26, 2017.   U.S. Northern Command has said American forces « stand ready » to deal with any threats after a Russian submarine surfaced off the coast of Alaska on Thursday. The incident reportedly occurred during Russian war […]

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  7. un_elections_vote_cd3519287a6ccef868de30408ba6e887
    4 octobre 2023 Activists urge UN General Assembly to reject Russia, China, Cuba for top rights body

    Ahead of the UN General Assembly annual opening next week, activists are urging the world body to oppose Russia, China, Cuba, Burundi and Kuwait in upcoming elections to the 47-nation Human Rights Council, deeming them “unqualified” due to their human rights records as well as their voting records on UN resolutions concerning human rights. Abuses by those candidates are […]

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  8. 26 juillet 2023 Voici le Conseil des ministres du gouvernement de Justin Trudeau

    Le très honorable Justin Trudeau Premier ministre du Canada L’honorable Chrystia Freeland Vice-première ministre et ministre des Finances L’honorable Anita Anand Présidente du Conseil du Trésor L’honorable Gary Anandasangaree Ministre des Relations Couronne-Autochtones L’honorable Terry Beech Ministre des Services aux citoyens L’honorable Marie-Claude Bibeau Ministre du Revenu national L’honorable Bill Blair Ministre de la Défense […]

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  9. Jack_Smith_2023
    28 juin 2023 John Luman Smith, United States Department of Justice

    John Luman Smith (born June 5, 1969) is an American attorney who has served in the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) as an assistant United States Attorney, acting United States Attorney, and head of the department’s Public Integrity Section. He was also the chief prosecutor at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers, an international tribunal at […]

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  10. Attorney general
    15 juin 2023 Attorney General James Secures $6.9 Million from Bayer and Monsanto for False Advertising of Roundup® Weedkillers

    Bayer CropScience and Monsanto Allegedly Falsely Claimed Certain Roundup® Consumer Products Were Safe and Non-Toxic, Violating an Agreement with OAG New York Attorney General Letitia James today announced a settlement with Bayer CropScience LP (Bayer) and Monsanto Company (Monsanto) for allegedly making false and misleading claims regarding the safety of certain Roundup® consumer weedkillers. Bayer and Monsanto […]

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