Volume 3, number 1

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Volume 3, number 1
  • Me Ian M. Solloway Speech Presentation of “The Lifetime Achievement Award” To Me Casper M.Bloom, Q.C., Ad.E, By Me Ian M. Solloway
  • Goodwill and other intangible assets of a law firm, By Richard M. Wise Partner, MNP LLP
  • Cotler nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Dershowitz, By Janice Arnold
  • How to pay $235,000 for a diamond that costs more than 4 million dollars, By Olga Shevchenco
  • About Pompeii exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, By Olga Shevchenco
  • Richard M. Wise Receives the Thomas Porter Lifetime Achievement Award
  • The Bar today: Drawing on the strength of a new generation, By Simon Tremblay
  • New IBAHRI report calls for greater involvement of the legal profession in UN human rights mechanisms
  • David and Donald Sobey give $2 million for StFX’s Mulroney Institute of Government
  • Carol Xueref announced as winner of the 2016 IBA Outstanding Woman Lawyer Award
  • LinkedIn® Premium Is It Worth It For Lawyers?, By Amber Vincent
  • Robin Camp, who berated sex assault complainant, says counselling will make him a better judge, By Alison Crawford, CBC News
  • Anthonie Vézina-Crawford and Paméla Kelly-Nadeau organized, “Québec 1608”, an original event bringing together the new generation of professionals
  • Use this simple exercise to solve the tech problems bugging you Source: ABA Journal Weekly Newsletter
  • Chambre des Notaires Secretary honoured by Canadian-Italian Jurists
  • Paul B. Schabas elected Treasurer of the Law Society