Volume 2, number 4

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Volume 2, number 4

Stikeman Elliott’s William Rosenberg to welcome business law professionals at ABA Spring Meeting in Montreal By André Gagnon

ACLU Sues Over Public Defender Shortage and Resulting Wait List in New Orleans

James A. Woods founded the most important litigation boutique law rm in Québec By André Gagnon

“The valuation of a law practice” By Richard M. Wise, Partner, MNP LLP

CN donates millions to help Syrian refugees and access justice

Pro Bono Québec and CN will facilitate access to legal services for Syrian refugees

Who owns the Koh-i-Noor Diamond? By Olga Shevchenco

Common Lawyer Bio Mistakes

Justice Scalia’s last invitation by Montreal Italian jurists By Antonio Discepola

Listing all of your lawyers on the letterhead makes the wrong impression

Remembering Scalia By Andrew Cohen

Latest trademark success leads former Suffolk professor and a team of Suffolk alumni to form specialty law rm

Marc-André Blanchard to become Canada’s Ambassador to the United Nations

Judge Appeals IRP6 Case To Obama For Clemency

Justice Scalia’s Death Highlights Importance of Persuasive, Informative and Accessible Legal Writing

Employment among lawyers A study by the Young Bar of Montreal

A.G. Schneiderman-Led State & Federal working group announces $3.2 Billion settlement with Morgan Stanley