Volume 2, number 1

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Volume 2, number 1

Maintaining the almost 100-year old tradition

Cross-examination of plaintiff’s lost-profits damages expert: Part 2, By Richard M. Wise

26 Leading Corporations Sign Catalyst Accord, Supporting 25% Women on FP500 Boards by 2017

McCarthy Tetrault’s Kim Thomassin and four other high profile prominent women executives join to help young university students to reach the top jobs

Ask an Expert, By Olga Shevchenko

ICCRC launches worldwide Fraud Prevention Month campaign

Lawyer Martin Cauchon buys Power Corp’s subsidiary Gesca regional dailies

The Honourable Martin Cauchon acts as counsel to the DS Welch Bussières group and also leads the China Working Group sector.

Quebec Bar Election — Your Bâtonnière in 2015

A Bar up to your image

Worker Advocate Urges Supreme Court to Take Case to Overturn Government Union Bosses Forced Dues Powers

Settlement concerning mental health laws coverage

“Clearly not constitutional:” CBA appears on Bill C-51

Maryland Carey Law and Pace Form Environmental Law Alliance

Almost half of the euthanasia deaths may not have been reported in Belgium in 2013.

The Nation, America’s Oldest Weekly Magazine, Celebrates 150 Years at Forefront of Politics, Arts, Culture, and Conversation

Sports Concussions Legal Research Article Published in University of Maryland Law Journal

The rules governing business expansion into the United States

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