Une nouvelle loi, le Règlement sur la protection des passagers aériens (RPPA, DORS/2019-150), est entrée en vigueur au Canada le 15 décembre. Grâce à elle, les passagers voyageant au départ ou à destination du Canada, et ce sur toute compagnie aérienne, bénéficieront de meilleures normes de traitement, de communications plus rapides et d’une plus grande indemnisation en cas […]

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  2. 25 janvier 2020 9/11 Families Outraged by New Reports Detailing Efforts to Conceal Saudi Involvement In Terrorist Attacks

    New reports from the New York Times and Pro Publica detail the efforts by the United States Government to conceal Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.   The new report shows how F.B.I. agents persisted in investigating Saudi connections to the 9/11 attacks for more than a decade, despite resistance from the […]

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  3. 0121-city-col-brownstein-3
    25 janvier 2020 Brownstein: Beloved L’Orchidée is reborn but spareribs stay the same

    There was much moaning and gnashing of teeth when the landmark L’Orchidée de Chine closed a little over a year ago after more than three decades on Peel street. Oh joy! Oh bliss! The best dry garlic spareribs in Montreal and, according to some aficionados, the greatest in this galaxy are back and ready to […]

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  4. 16 janvier 2020 PayPal Settlement about its online platform Charitable Giving Fund with New York state AG and 22 other law enforcement plaintiffs

    Attorney General Letitia James, together with 22 state law enforcement partners, has reached an agreement with PayPal Charitable Giving Fund, Inc. to ensure donors receive adequate information and disclosures when making charitable contributions through the company’s online fundraising platform. “Every individual who chooses to donate funds deserves transparency and honesty throughout the process,” said Attorney General James, co-chair […]

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  5. 16 janvier 2020 QuisLex is a Diamond-level exhibitor at this year’s institute, being held January 20-21, 2020, at The Landmark London.

    QuisLex is delighted to be sponsoring the CLOC 2020 London Institute. The CLOC London Institute is an educational event that draws on the personal and collective strengths of practicing in-house legal operations professionals. QuisLex is a Diamond-level exhibitor at this year’s institute, being held January 20-21, 2020, at The Landmark London. Corporate Legal Operations Consortium is a 501(c)6 nonprofit […]

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  6. 0103-city-thursday
    3 janvier 2020 Thursday’s, a Crescent St. institution, abruptly shuts down

    The restaurant’s owner, Chris Ann Nakis, said its former owner, Bernard Ragueneau, is taking back the building as of Jan. 7. Just one day after ushering in the New Year with scores of customers, Thursday’s Bar and Bistro abruptly closed its doors — leaving dozens of longtime employees in limbo.   Several of the restaurant’s […]

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    31 décembre 2019 Detained in Dubai 2019

    The risks posed by the United Arab Emirates, once only a problem for visitors and expats, have spread over the past year to endanger even people outside the country. 2019 has seen an intensification of the UAE’s Interpol abuse and the extra-jurisdictional application of the country’s vague and invasive Cybercrime laws. Meanwhile, the routine occurrence […]

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  8. 6856a2c1-b591-4f8c-b895-ac9c8c1dc076
    25 novembre 2019 Leading dispute financiers IMF Bentham and Omni Bridgeway complete merger transaction

    Leading dispute resolution financier IMF Bentham Limited (IMF Bentham) (ASX:IMF) announces that it has completed the merger with Omni Bridgeway Holdings BV (Omni Bridgeway) previously announced on October 15, 2019. The combined IMF Bentham and Omni Bridgeway business accelerates IMF’s growth and creates a major diversified global litigation funding platform across common law and civil law jurisdictions in developed and […]

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  9. Screenshot_20191125-075603
    16 novembre 2019 Mexico, the great unknown

      Mexico is well known for its beaches, numerous and beautiful. But wait a bit. Its coastline is 11,122 km notably with the Pacific ocean and the gulf of California (also known as the sea of Cortez) which account for 7,828 km on its western side and the Carabean sea and the gulf of Mexico […]

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  10. 4b0a0404-ce5f-42ab-839f-53097630a313
    28 octobre 2019 Kyrgyz human rights lawyer wins UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award

      A lawyer, whose work has supported the efforts of the Kyrgyz Republic in becoming the first country in the world to end statelessness, has been selected as the 2019 winner of the UN Refugee Agency’s Nansen Refugee Award.   Azizbek Ashurov, through his organization Ferghana Valley Lawyers Without Borders (FVLWB), has helped well over […]

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