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  1. 26 juin 2017 Immigration Justice Campaign Launched to Train Legal Community to Defend Against Ramped-Up Deportation Machine

    President Trump has authorized a dramatic increase in efforts to detain and deport immigrants, using a system that lacks fundamental due process protections like the guarantee of legal representation. More than half of all noncitizens – and more than 80 percent of detained noncitizens – face immigration court without lawyers by their sides. Demand for […]

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  2. IMG_4890
    26 juin 2017 George W. Bush artist ?

    George W. Bush has been painting for several years now, but has only recently become an artist. His first paintings, mostly of world leaders, were remarkably well received, even by an art establishment that had hardly been friendly to his administration. And yet, although those early paintings were earnest and well-intentioned, they were clearly the […]

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  3. 26 juin 2017 Unattended pets protection

    The Motor Vehicle Extreme Heat Protection Act, introduced in the state Senate by Senator Andy Dinniman, and introduced in the state House by Representatives Frank Farry and Dom Costa and is legislation aimed to protect pets left unattended in hot cars. The proposed legislation prohibits the confinement of a dog or cat in an unattended […]

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  4. 5 juin 2017 The #LegalLeadership Interview Series on High Performance Counsel focuses on the people and the technology changing the legal industry over the next decade.

    We interviewed Ed Walters, CEO of FastCase: Who are you and what is your role? I’m Ed Walters, CEO of Fastcase, and an adjunct professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, where I teach The Law of Robots. From who or what do you draw inspiration as a leader? I’m inspired by Elon Musk – […]

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    ​​​​​SAVE THAT DATE The Lord Reading Law Society is pleased to announce that on Wednesday, October 25th, 2017, it will be holding a gala dinner program featuring the Honourable Justice Rosalie Abella of the Supreme Court of Canada and Honorable Justice Stephen Breyer of the Supreme Court of the United States. Please consult www.lordreading.org or […]

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